Why I Dislike The Everything Everything Movie Adaptation

SPOILERS AHEAD. You have been warned!

So… I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before but I really don’t like the movie adaptation of Everything Everything. I actually went to see it with my friends when it came out, and we all walked disappointed. The worst thing it all was how much I had talked about the book and how good it was. I loved the book when I first read it, but as I walked out of the movies I couldn’t help but doubt my initial love for the book.

I really wanted to make a post about how much I didn’t like the movie adaptation but I thought it wouldn’t be fair unless I reread the book again. And while I did see more of the flaws in the book, I still loved it a lot more than the movie. There is honestly many things in the movie that I didn’t like – I watched 1 or 2 times more after – but I’ll just talk about a few of them so this doesn’t get too long. And it’s not like I enjoy talking bad about something but as someone who really likes the book, it’s frustrating when that story doesn’t translate onto the screen.




The first thing that really stood out to me was the characters and the relationships. And when I say that I mean the lack of believable relationships and character depth. I really didn’t believe in almost any of the relationships and certainly not in the most important one between Maddie and Olly. There was a few small moments where I thought “oh, maybe they actually have feelings for each other” but that thought went away as quick as it came. It was so incredible awkward when they were in the hotel and Maddie pulled out her hairband and then suddenly the mood became “I want to sleep with you.” I can’t tell you how much me and my friends made fun of that scene, because when did pulling out a hairband mean I’m ready to have sex? And that scene probable just suffers from the lack of chemistry between the two characters, but I can’t get over how bad that scene is.

And the dialogue did not help at all. It felt like there was at least 4 other lines missing in between every two lines said. Like all emotions was missing and it was just lines being said in a way that is meant to be fun and intellectual. And because I missed that much more dialogue between the characters that also means that almost no connection is built. It was also just awkward dialogue that didn’t feel like a “normal” conversation.


Everything Everything4


I know that book adaptations can be hard because of all the details and I’m usually not that upset when details are left out, but Everything Everything really suffered because of that. The details left out (most of them anyway) are really important details that make the characters who they are. Almost all the characters felt superficial to me. Olly was just there and I didn’t care for him. But in the book my heart ached for him because of the issues he has with his family. And yeah, we do see a glimpse of it in the movie but it doesn’t effect the story at all. It’s just there, and then it’s gone. I remember my friend asking what was happening when Olly’s dad leaves because she didn’t know the details of the situation.

I feel like in general the movies focused way more on the story than the characters and the relationships, which both are incredibly important in a story like this, where it’s really about a girl who discovers the world through new relationships and the people who influence her. In my opinion, the focus shouldn’t be on the story of a girl who goes out into the world despite her illness, but more about why she does it.


Skærmbillede 2018-04-20 kl. 20.54.13.png


The last thing I want to mention is how much I cringed during this movie. Because of the lack of sincerity I just couldn’t help but find everything a little too awkward. The worst scenes in terms of how much I cringed is 1) the hairband scene and 2) when they drive to their hotel and Stay by Zedd & Alessia Care plays. It’s just one of those scenes where I think “so you left out other stuff, but you decided to keep this scene because … why?”.

And maybe Everything Everything is just one of those books that doesn’t translate well into a movie. It is a different kind of book that uses illustrations that tells the story together with the writing and it has a lot of heart, which I think is what this adaptation missed big time. But at the same time I also view this as a bad movie rather than just a bad adaptation.

There are also other things I didn’t mention, like Maddie and Carla or the choice of what illustrations to use from the book and how they put this movie together, but I think I said everything I really wanted to. Let me know if you disliked it like me, or if you liked it in the comments. I would love to know why you guys did og didn’t like!



My Bad Reading Habits | Mine Dårlige Læse Vaner

Hello! I really like to read – obviously – but that also means I have a small number of bad reading habit, that I wish I could get rid of. I don’t have a lot but the ones I do have are pretty annoying, when I just want to enjoy a book. I don’t have anything else to say, so here they are!


1. Skipping lines
I think this is the habit I hate the most. When the book I’m reading is either really exciting or really boring I tend to skip multiple lines. I clearly don’t have any patience but then I always feel bad and go back to read the lines I skipped – but then why did I skip those lines if I’ll read then anyway? It’s not just a bad habit, but also an really annoying one.

2. Looking at the page number constantly
When I just want to focus on my book it’s a little difficult, when I for some strange reason have to look at the page number every fifth minute. It doesn’t bother me as much if I’m really into the book but if I’m a little bored or impatient, I can’t help but look. And because I look so often there usually isn’t much progress. It’s also really distracting when I focus on what page I’m on rather than the story.

3. Distracted by other things
This is a little bit similar to looking at the page number, but I get easily distracted by other things. I actually really like reading with noise around me and just isolating me in my own world, but that noise is also the thing that distracts me the most.

4. Spoilers
This is my one habit that I’m a lot better with. I don’t do this a lot anymore but I used to read spoilers. I wouldn’t say it was something I actively looked for but if I wanted to know something about the book or the characters and the site had other spoilers, I almost always read those spoilers. I don’t know why and as I said before, I don’t do it a lot anymore. Now I go ind blind and just enjoy the book.


Those were my 4 major bad reading habits. Let me know if you have any of these habit or any other habit that you find annoying!


Hej! Jeg kan virkelig godt lide at læse – naturligvis – men det betyder også, at jeg har en lille antal dårlige læse vaner, som jeg gerne vil slippe af med. Jeg har ikke mange, men dem jeg har, er rimelig irriterende, når jeg bare gerne vil nyde en bog. Jeg har ikke mere at sige, så her er de!


1. Hoppe over linjer
Jeg tror, dette er den vane, som jeg hader mest. Når den bog, som jeg læser, enten er virkelig spændende eller virkelig kedelig, kan jeg godt finde på at hoppe over flere linjer. Jeg har tydeligvis ikke nogen tålmodighed, men jeg har det altid dårligt med det, og går derefter tilbage og læser de linjer, som jeg hoppede over – men hvorfor hoppede jeg så over de linjer, hvis jeg læser dem alligevel? Det er ikke bare en dårlig vane, men også en irriterende en.

2. Hele tiden se, hvor langt jeg er
Når jeg gerne vil fokusere på min bog, er den en smule svært, når jeg af eller anden mærkelig grund skal kigge efter, hvad sidetal jeg er på hvert femte minut. Det forstyrre mig ikke ligeså meget, hvis jeg er virkelig inde i bogen, men hvis jeg keder mig en smule eller er utålmodig, kan jeg ikke lade være med at kigge. Og da jeg kigger so ofte, er der heller ikke nogen fremskridt. Det er også bare distraherende, når jeg fokusere på sidenummeret i steder for selve historien.

3. Distraheret af andre ting
Dette er lidt det samme som at kigge på sidenummeret, men jeg bliver nemt distraheret af andre ting. Jeg kan faktisk godt lide at læse med lyde i baggrunden, og bare isolere mig selv i min egen verden, men de lyde er også det, som distraherer mig mest.

4. Spoilers
Dette er den eneste vane, som jeg er meget bedre med. Jeg gør ikke dette meget længere, men jeg plejede at læse spoilers. Jeg vil ikke sige, at det var noget, som jeg aktivt ledte efter, men hvis jeg gerne ville vide noget omkring bogen eller karaktererne og siden havde andre spoilers, ville jeg næsten altid læse de spoilers. Jeg ved ikke hvorfor, og som jeg sagde før, gør jeg det ikke ret meget længere. Nu prøver jeg at starte blindt og bare nyde bogen.


Det var mine 4 store dårlige læse vaner. Lad mig vide, hvis du også har nogle at disse vaner eller nogle helt andre, som du synes, er irriterende.

Wrap-up & TBR – March & April 2018 | Wrap-up & TBR – Marts & April 2018

Hello! I didn’t post much in March which is why I have combined my wrap-up for March and my tbr for April in one post. I’m also a little late, but late than never. I had an alright reading month in March. I read the three books I had on my tbr and two more. I did finish the last book on April 3rd, but I thought I would mention it in this wrap-up too, since I’m late anyway.


19542841The first book I read in March is More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera. I have a post from the readathon in which I read it, where I talk a lot more about my thoughts on this book. I wasn’t the biggest fan in the first half, but I loved the  second half. I gave it 4/5.





8621462The second book I read is A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. Honestly I went into it thinking I wouldn’t like it very much because of how simple it is, even though the praise for this book is so high. I was wrong, as I ended up loving it! It’s not the most complex book ever, but I really like the simple message, that I think this book does an incredible job in getting across. I read this after More Happy Than Not, so it was a really good day for me. I gave it 5/5.


18692431The third book I read was a reread and it is Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon. I’m currently working on something else that required me to read it again. I loved this book the first time and gave it 5/5, and I still love it but not as much as the first time.  This time I actually felt like the “plot twist” was a little weird. I don’t think it fit as well into the plot itself as I originally thought it did. But as I said, I still love it! I gave it 4/5.



13533650The fourth book I read is The Assassin’s Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke and I finally picked it up because I participated in a danish readathon. This was the only book I actually finished the whole week the readathon was going on (I did also start two others), and it has been on my shelf for a long time. I liked it enough to want to read the second book in the duology, but is also wasn’t the most amazing book I’ve ever read. I really liked the relationship between the characters and their personalities. I gave it 3/5.



23395680The last book I read in March is Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, and I liked a lot! I loved the format of the book, the characters and how it made me think. I already borrowed Gemina from the library as I want to continue this series as soon as possible! I gave it 5/5.







The only book on my April tbr is Turtles All The Way Down by John Green. The reason this is the only book on my tbr is because the is the only book I actually have to read in April. I have to wait around 5 months before I can borrow it again, If I don’t read it in April. All other books will be decided based on what I’m in the mood for. I actually already finished Turtles All The Way Down, but thought I would mention it anyway!





Hej! Jeg har ikke lagt meget op i marts, hvilket er grunden til, at jeg har kombineret min wrap-up for marts og min tbr for april. Jeg er også lidt sent på den, men bedre sent end aldrig. Jeg havde en okay måned i forhold til læsning. Jeg læste de tre bøger, som var på min tbr, og derefter to mere. Jeg læste dog den sidste bog færdig den 3. April, men tænkte jeg ville nævne den her, siden jeg alligevel er sent på den.


19542841Den første bog jeg læste i marts er Den Dag Jeg Glemmer af Adam Silvera. Jeg har et indlæg fra den readathon, hvor jeg læste den, hvor jeg snakker mere om mine tanker om bogen. Jeg var ikke den største fan af den første halvdel, men jeg elskede den anden halvdel. Jeg gav den 4/5.





8621462Den anden bog jeg læste er Monster af Patrick Ness.  Hvis jeg skal være helt ærlig, så startede jeg bogen med tanken om, at jeg ikke ville lide bogen særlig meget pga. hvor simpel den er, selvom den får så meget ros. Jeg var forkert på den, da jeg endte med at elske den! Det er ikke den mest komplekse bog, men jeg kan godt lide det simple budskab, som jeg synes, at bogen leverer helt fantastisk. Jeg læste denne efter Den Dag Jeg Glemmer, så det var en rigtig god dag for mig. Jeg gav den 5/5.


18692431Den trejde bog jeg læste var en genlæsning og det er Alt Eller Intet af Nicola Yoon, Jeg arbejder lige nu på noget andet, som gør, at jeg blev nød til at læse bogen igen. Jeg elskede bogen den første gang, og gav den 5/5, and jeg elsker den stadig, men ikke ligeså meget, som den første gang. Denne gang følte jeg faktisk at bogens “plot twist” var en smule mærkeligt. Jeg synes ikke, at det passer så godt ind i selve historien, som jeg først troede. Men som jeg sagde før, så elsker jeg den stadig. Jeg gav den 4/5.



13533650Den fjerde bog jeg læste er The Assassin’s Curse af Cassandra Rose Clarke, og jeg læste den endelig, fordi jeg deltog i en dansk readathon. Dette var den eneste bog, som jeg faktisk læste færdig i den uge, hvor readathonen foregik (jeg startede også to andre), og den har været på min reol i langtid. Jeg kunne lide den nok til, at jeg gerne vil læse den anden bog i duologien, men der var ikke den mest fantastiske bog, jeg har læst. Jeg kunne virkelig godt lide karakterernes forhold og deres personligheder. Jeg gav den 3/5.



23395680Den sidste bog jeg læste i marts er Illuminae af Amie Kaufman og Jay Kristoff, og jeg kunne virkelig godt lide den! Jeg elskede måden bogen er lavet på, karaktererne og hvordan den fik mig til at tænke. Jeg har allerede lånt Gemina fra biblioteket, da jeg gerne vil forsætte med serien så hurtigt som muligt! Jeg gav den 5/5.







Den eneste bog på min april tbr er Skildpadder Hele Vejen Ned af John Green. Grunden til at dette er den eneste bog på min tbr er, at dette er den eneste bog, som jeg skal nå at læse i april. Hvis jeg ikke læser den i april, skal jeg vente 5 måneder, før jeg kan låne den igen. Alle andre bøger bliver valgt efter, hvad jeg er i humør til. Jeg har faktisk allerede læst Skildpadder Hele Vejen Ned, men jeg tænkte, jeg ville nævne den alligevel!





A Vlog, But Not Really – ReadathonByZoe | En Vlog, Men Ikke Rigtigt – ReadathonByZoe

On March 3rd I participated in ReadathonByZoe, which is an 24-hour readathon made by readbyzoe over on youtube. I didn’t expect to actually read all 24 hours, but I did want to at least read More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera and A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. I decided to write anything down if I felt like it, so that is basically what this post is. It does contain spoilers for More Happy Than Not and A Monster Calls so if you havn’t read either of those, you probably shouldn’t read this! I’ve split it into two parts – the first part is where I read More Happy Than Not and the second part is A Monster Calls.


More Happy Than Not

00:01: The first book I’ll be reading is More Happy Than Not. I’ve tired to read it two times before, so we’ll see how it goes. I think I’m going to just skim the first couple of pages. I don’t think I’ll be up for much longer, but I want to at least read a little as the readathon officially has begun for me.

09:43: yesterday I read the pages that I’ve read twice before in More Happy Than Not, so now I just have the parts I don’t know anything about – which is always more fun.

11:06: I’m currently on page 108, and I’m so confused? Maybe I just didn’t pick up on it, but where did the book ever hint at Thomas being gay? How does Aaron know? I know what the book is about and of course Aaron can know about it without Thomas telling him – because sometimes you just know – but that chapter seems so confusing to me?

11:35: on page 136. I had this problem in they both die at the end too, where I didn’t believe in their romantic feeling for each other. I like Thomas and Aaron as friends and I think they really compliment each other, but I don’t really feel any other connection. And it’s partly because of how well Aaron and Genevieve’s relationship was set up and then suddenly that doesn’t matter anymore? It’s fine that Aaron only has realized something about himself now, but in my eyes it seems so sudden. I understand that part of why he is with her is because A) he does of course like her one way or another and B) because she is there for him, but at the same time those feelings of love seemed so genuine that the change seemed really sudden.

11:51: on page 151. Failed kiss. So maybe Aaron’s ‘realization’ about Thomas sexuality was more about himself?

13:43: I took a long break, but now I’m on page 173 and things are happening. I think all the confusing parts are actually going to make sense. Maybe I’ll actually end up loving this book in the end.

13:58: on page 187. I loooove how every little thing is connected. Funny how I complained about the book not giving hints or how I didn’t feel any connection between some of the character/plot, but now that lack of connection actually makes sense.

14:12: on page 196. I hate Collin

13:26: page 215. The “realization” Aaron had about Thomas could also just be a replacement in memories of how Collin was gay. So instead of figuring out that Collin was gay he replaced that scenario and the person with Thomas. I feel like I think about this kind of stuff too late and then I feel slightly stupid for not thinking about it before. But it’s fun.

15:23: I finished More Happy Than Not. I definitely liked the second half more than the first. I do think the second half added something to the first half that made it a little better, but I do also remember being a little bored waiting for it to get better. I think I’ll give it 4 stars, just because of how amazing the second half was. I didn’t cry, but I’m glad I at least now can see why so many people have said they cried. I think it’s a book I won’t forget anytime soon, partly because of the story itself but also just because of the experience I had. I went from not really liking it to REALLY liking it!
I think I’ll take I little break now, and then move on to A Monster Calls.

A Monster Calls

19:03: I’m on page 125 in A Monster Calls. I took a longer break than expected but I also had to eat and go on a walk with my dog – but now I’m back! I really like the illustrations and the story so far. I’m pretty sure this is the kind of story where it gets really good near the end, so I’m looking forward to that.

19:37: I’m on page 184 and almost done and I’ve cried. I honestly didn’t think I would but here I am, and it was mostly just because of the sentence; ‘I did not come to heal her, the Monster said. I came to heal you’

20:03: I finished A Monster Calls.  It’s weird because I loved it and I cried, but it’s such a different feeling from how I normally feel for other books I love. I think it’s mostly because of how human and ‘normal’ the story is. I’m gonna wait a little before I rate it just so I can relax and think about it.

21:05: I took a break and now I’m reading ready player one as it was available for me as an ebook yesterday. I don’t think I’ll read a lot of it today but we’ll see. I’ve only read the introduction/chapter one so far.

22:14: I don’t think I’ll read more today. I tend to get really tired around this time, so I don’t think I have any energy left in me to read. But I did complete my goal of reading More Happy Than Not and A Monster Calls, so I’m really happy about that!


Hours Read: 6:18:12
Books Read
: 2 + first chapter of Ready Player One
Pages Read: 


Marts d. 3 deltog jeg i ReadathonByZoe, hvilket er en 24-timers readathon, lavet af readbyzoe over på youtube. Jeg forventede ikke at læse hele tiden, men jeg ville i det mindste gerne læse Den Dag Jeg Glemmer af Adam Silvera og Monster af Patrick Ness. Jeg valgte at skrive hvad som helst ned, hvis jeg havde lyst, så det er grundlæggende, hvad dette indlæg er. Der er Spoiler for Den Dag Jeg Glemmer og Monster, så hvis du ikke har læst dem, burde du nok ikke læse dette! Jeg har delt det ind i to dele – den første del er, hvor jeg læser Den Dag Jeg Glemmer og den anden del er Monster.


Den Dag Jeg Glemmer

00:01: Den første bog jeg vil læse er Den Dag Jeg Glemmer. Jeg har prøvet at læse den to gange før, så nu må vi se hvordan det går. Jeg tror, jeg bare vil skimme de første par sider. Jeg tror ikke, jeg vil være oppe ret meget længere, men jeg vil i det mindste læse bare lidt, da readathonen officielt er startet for mig.

09:43: I går læste jeg de sider, som jeg har læst to gange før i Den Dag Jeg Glemmer, så nu har jeg kun de dele tilbage, som jeg ikke ved noget som helst om – hvilket altid er sjovere.

11:06: Lige nu er jeg på side 108, og jeg er så forvirret? Måske fangede jeg det bare ikke, men hvor har bogen nogensinde givet hint om, at Thomas er homoseksuel? Hvordan ved Aaron det? Jeg ved, hvad bogen omhandler, og selfølgelig kan Aaron have viden omkring det uden, at Thomas har fortalt det – fordi nogle gange ved man det bare – men det kapitel var utroligt forvirrende for mig?

11:35: På side 136. Jeg havde også det her problem med De Dør Begge Til Sidst, hvor jeg ikke troede på deres romantiske følelser for hinanden. Jeg kan lide Thomas og Aaron som venner, og synes virkelig de passer godt sammen, men jeg ser ikke rigtig nogen anden forbindelse end det. Og det er delvis på grund af, hvor godt Arron og Genevieve’s forhold var fortalt, og så er det pludselig bare lige meget? Det er fint at Aaron først har indset noget om ham selv nu, men i mine øjne virker det bare så pludseligt. Jeg forstår godt at nogle af grundene til at han er sammen med hende er A) han selvfølgelig godt lide hende på en eller anden måde og B) fordi hun er der for ham, men samtidig virkede de følelser så oprindelige og ændringen virkede utrolig pludselig.

11:51: På side 151. Mislykkedes kys. Så måske var Aaron’s “opdagelse” omkring Thomas’ seksualitet mere omkring ham selv?

13:43: Jeg tog en lang pause, men nu er jeg på side 173 og ting sker. Jeg tror, at alle de forvirrende dele faktisk kommer til at give mening. Måske ender jeg med at elske denne bog i sidste ende.

13:58: På side 187. Jeg eeeeeelsker, hvordan alle de små ting er forbundet. Det er sjovt, hvordan jeg klagede over, at bogen ikke gav nogen hints eller, hvordan jeg ikke følte nogen forbindelse mellem nogle af karaktererne/plottet, men nu giver den manglende forbindelse faktisk mening.

14:12: På side 196. Jeg hader Collin.

13:26: Side 215. “Opdagelsen” Aaron havde om Thomas kunne også bare være en udskiftning i hans hukommelsen om, hvordan Collin var homoseksuel. Så i stedet for at finde ud af, at Collin var homoseksuelt, udskiftede han det scenarie og person med Thomas. Jeg har det lidt som om, at jeg tænker over disse ting lidt for sent, og så føler jeg mig en smule dum over, ikke at have tænkt over det før. Men det er sjovt.

15:23: Jeg er færdig med Den Dag Jeg Glemmer. Jeg kunne helt sikkert bedre lide den anden halvdel end den første. Jeg synes dog, at den anden halvdel gav et eller andet til den første halvdel, som gjorde den en smule bedre, men jeg husker dog også at kede mig en smule, mens jeg ventede på, at den blev bedre. Jeg tror, jeg giver den 4 stjerner på grund af, hvor god den anden halvdel var. Jeg græd ikke, men jeg er glad for, at jeg i det mindste nu kan se, hvorfor så mange siger, at de græd til denne bog. Jeg tror, det er en bog, som jeg ikke vil glemme med det samme, delvis på grund af selve historien, men også bare på grund af, den oplevelsen jeg havde med bogen. Jeg gik fra ikke rigtigt at kunne lide den til at VIRKELIG godt kunne lide den.
Jeg tror, jeg tager en ligge pause nu, og så vil jeg begynde på Monster.


19:03: Jeg er på side 125 i Monster. Jeg tog en længere pause end forventet, men jeg skulle også spise og gå med min hund – men nu er jeg tilbage! Jeg kan rigtig godt lide illustrationerne og historien indtil videre. Jeg er rimelig sikker på, at dette er den form for bog, hvor den bliver virkelig god nær slutningen, så jeg ser frem til det.

19:37: Jeg er på side 184 og snart færdig og jeg har grædt. Jeg troede helt ærligt ikke, at jeg ville, men her er jeg, og det jeg mest bare på grund af sætningen; ‘I did not come to heal her, the Monster said. I came to heal you’

20:03: Jeg er færdig med Monster. Det er mærkeligt, fordi jeg elskede den, og jeg græd, men det er sådan en anderledes følelse, end hvad jeg normalt føler for bøger, jeg elsker. Jeg tror, det er mest fordi, at historien er så menneskelig og ‘normal’. Jeg venter lidt, før jeg giver den stjerne, så jeg kan slappe lidt af og tænke over den.

21:05: Jeg tog en pause, og nu læser jeg Ready Player One, da den var tilgængelig for mig som ebog i går. Jeg tror ikke, jeg vil læse en masse af den i dag, men nu må vi se. Jeg har kun læst introduktionen/kapitel et indtil videre.

22:14: Jeg tror ikke jeg vil læse mere i dag. Jeg plejer at blive træt omkring denne tid, så jeg tror ikke, at jeg har nogen energi tilbage i mig til at læse. Men jeg nåede mit mål i at læse Den Dag Jeg Glemmer og Monster, så det er jeg glad for!


Timer Læst: 6:18:12
Bøger Læst
: 2 + first chapter of Ready Player One
Sider Læst: 

TBR – March 2018 | TBR – Marts 2018

I only have a few books on my tbr for this month, as I don’t have any books I need to read. I don’t have to completely stick to a tbr and I can just pick what I’m in the mood for after I’ve read my tbr. But I have picked three books, that I want to read in March.


18692431The first book is actually a reread and it’s Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon. I loved it the first time and because I have a certain blog post I really want to make, I have to reread it. I’m excited to see if I still like it as much as I did the first time.






19542841The second book is More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera. This is the third time that I’ll attempt to read this book so I really hope I actually read it this time. The reason I’ve decided to try and read it again is because I’ll participate in  ReadathonByZoe on Saturday which is a 24 hour readathon and I though it would push me a little to read More Happy Than Not if I “have” to read it in 24 hours.




8621462The last book on my tbr is A Moster Calls by Patrick Ness. I’m one of the few who haven’t read it yet. Hopefully I’ll get to read this on Saturday – if I finish More Happy Than Not. If I don’t read it then I’ll still read it this month as it has been on my tbr for a long time!






That was my official March tbr! Have you read any of the books mentioned? And what are you planning to read this month?


Jeg har kun nogle få bøger på min tbr for denne måned, da jeg ikke har nogen bøger, som jeg har brug for at læse. Jeg behøver ikke at holde mig fuldstændig til en tbr, og efter det kan jeg bare vælge, hvad jeg er i humør til. Men jeg har valgt tre bøger, som jeg gerne vil læse i marts.


18692431Den første bog er faktisk en bog jeg vil genlæse, og der er Alt Eller Intet af Nicola Yoon. Jeg elskede den den første gang, og da jeg har et bestemt blogindlæg jeg gerne vil lave, bliver jeg nød til at genlæse den. Jeg er spændt på, om jeg vil kunne lide den så meget, som jeg gjorde den første gang.





19542841Den anden bog er Den Dag Jeg Glemmer af Adam Silvera. Dette er den tredje gang, jeg vil forsøge at læse denne bog, så jeg håber virkelig, at jeg faktisk læser den. Grunden til, at jeg har besluttet mig for at prøve og læse den igen, er fordi jeg vil deltage i ReadathonByZoe på lørdag, hvilket er en 24 timers readathon og jeg tænkte, at det ville skubbe mig en smule til at læse Den Dag Jeg Glemmer, når jeg “skal” læse den indenfor de 24 timer.




8621462Den sidste bog på min tbr er Monster af Patrick Ness. Jeg er en af de få, som ikke har læst den endnu. Forhåbenligt for jeg læst den på lørdag – hvis jeg får læst Den Dag Jeg Glemmer først. Hvis ikke jeg læser den der, vil jeg stadig læse den i denne måned, da den har været på min tbr i så lang tid!





Det var min officielle tbr for marts! Har du læst nogen af de nævnte bøger? Og hvad har du planlagt at læse i denne måned?

Wrap-up – February 2018 | Wrap-up – Februar 2018

February is over and for the first time ever, I actually stuck to my tbr and I listened to 2 audiobooks! Which brings me to a total of 6 books read in February. I’m still really glad I decided to read 15 minutes every day because that just means I’m more likely to keep reading and that means I get to read more books! I didn’t realise it until I looked back on the books I’ve read in February, but it has also been a great month rating wise.


The first two books I read are Emperor Mage and The Realms of the Gods by Tamora Pierce from The Immortals series. There were some parts where I was a little bored or it felt a little slow but overall I really enjoyed both of them. I gave Emperor Mage 4.5/5 and The Realms of the Gods 4/5.



The third book was an audiobook and it’s You Know Me Well by Nina LaCour David Levithan. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve read anything by both Nina Labour and David Levithan. I enjoyed it, but it also wasn’t the most amazing reading experience I’ve ever had. I liked the characters, but the story and overall book I mostly just feel neutral on, which is why I gave it 3/5.





28919058The fourth book I finished is another audiobook and it’s Autoboyograhy by Christina Lauren. I loved this book a lot. It was seriously cute but also incredible important and serious. The reader learns so much about mormons and their lives. The characters actually communicate with each other and everybody’s opinions are respected and shown and that was just one of my many favourite things about this book. I gave it 4.5-5/5.





11250317The fifth book I read is The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. I’ve tried to read it before but I got distracted and had to return it to the library, but I decided to try again. And I’m so glad I did! I knew about the ending because I’ve seen some of the movie and I’ve also heard about it when I had to study some of the Odyssey in classical studies in high school. But even though I knew most of the story I still loved it! At first I was a little put off by the writing but as I continued on I grew to love it, and I realised how much it compliments the characters and the story! I gave it 5/5.



23734628The sixth and final book I read is Carry on by Rainbow Rowell. I expected I would like this and I did. What I – for some reason? – wasn’t expecting was how complex the characters were, and how ‘evolved’ and fun the world would be. It was a pretty predictable book for me story-wise and I was more surprised at how the characters felt about and handled the situations. But I loved every page of this book, predictable or not! I gave it 5/5.





Februar er slut og for første gang nogensinde, holdte jeg mig faktisk til min tbr, og jeg lyttede til 2 lydbøger! Hvilken bringer mig til et totale af 6 bøger, som jeg har læst i februar! Jeg er stadig virkelig glad for, at jeg besluttede mig for at læse 15 minutter hver dag, fordi det betyder, at der er større sandsynlighed for, at jeg læser videre, og det betyder, at jeg kan læse flere bøger! Jeg opdagede det ikke før jeg kiggede tilbage på de bøger, jeg har læst i februar, men det har også været en god måned i forhold til stjerner givet.


De første to bøger jeg læste er Gravheksens Gave og Gudernes Rige af Tamora Pierce fra De Udødelige serien. Der var nogle steder, hvor jeg kedede mig en smule eller det føltes en smule langsomt, men overordnet nød jeg virkelig begge bøger. Jeg gav Gravheksens Gave 4.5/5 og Gudernes Rige 4/5.



Den tredje bog var en lydbog og det er You Know Me Well af Nina LaCour David Levithan. Jeg er rimelig sikker på, at det er første gang, jeg læser noget af både Nina Labour og David Levithan. Jeg kunne lide den, men det var ikke den mest fantastiske læse oplevelse, jeg har haft. Jeg kunne lide karaktererne, men jeg var for det meste neutral omkring selve historien og den overordnet bog, hvilket er grunden til, jeg gav den 3/5.





28919058Den fjerde bog jeg læste er endnu en audiobook og det er Autoboyograhy af Christina Lauren. Jeg elskede denne bog en del. Den var utrolig sød, men samtidig også utrolig vigtig og seriøs. Læseren lærer så meget omkring mormoner og deres liv. Karaktererne kommunikerer faktisk med hinanden og alles meninger er respekteret og vist i bogen, og det var bare en af mine mange yndlings ting omkring denne bog. Jeg gav den 4.5-5/5





11250317Den femte bog jeg læste er Achilleus’ Sang af Madeline Miller. Jeg har prøvet at læse den før, men jeg blev distraheret og måtte afleverer den tilbage til biblioteket, men jeg besluttede mig for at prøve igen. Og jeg er så glad for min beslutning! Jeg kendte til slutningen, da jeg har set noget af filmen, og jeg har også hørt omkring det, da jeg skulle læse noget af Oddyseen i oldtidskundskab i gymnasiet. Men selvom jeg kendte det meste af historien, elskede jeg den stadig! Jeg var ikke så vild med sproget til at starte med, men jo længere ind jeg kom i bogen jo mere elskede jeg det, og jeg indså, hvor godt sproget komplimerede karaktererne og historien! Jeg gav den 5/5.


23734628Den sjette og sidste bog jeg læste er Carry on af Rainbow Rowell. Jeg forventede, at jeg ville lide den, og det gjorde jeg. Hvad jeg – af en eller anden grund? – ikke forventede var, hvor komplekse karaktererne var, og hvor ‘udviklet’ og sjov verdenen ville være. Jeg synes personlig, at det var en lidt forudsigelig bog i forhold til historiens udvikling, og jeg var mere overrasket over, hvordan karaktererne havde det med og håndterede situationerne. Men jeg elskede Carry on, forudsigelig eller ej! Jeg gav den 5/5.

The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli – Spoiler: I Cried | Fordelen Ved Hemmelige Forelskelser af Becky Albertalli – Spoiler: Jeg Græd

30653853Title: The Upside of Unrequited
Author: Becky Albertalli
My Rating: ★★★★☆ (or 4.25)

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Seventeen-year-old Molly Peskin-Suso knows all about unrequited love—she’s lived through it twenty-six times. She crushes hard and crushes often, but always in secret. Because no matter how many times her twin sister, Cassie, tells her to woman up, Molly can’t stomach the idea of rejection. So she’s careful. Fat girls always have to be careful.




I really liked the characters in The Upside of Unrequited, and I especially felt for Molly. Every character felt natural and Molly had such an authentic voice. Her journey in finding her self-confidence and figuring out how to adjust to changes was incredible relatable, and there wasn’t even one moment were wasn’t on Mollys side. I wasn’t always a fan of how a “crisis” was brough forward – which I’ll talk about more later on – but I always felt my heart clench a little when Molly was sad or frustrated. Molly was just such a loveable person, and I couldn’t help but want everything to work out in her favour, and for her to just be happy. I also really liked Cassie and Molly’s relationship most of the time. I really loved how close they were, and how they each had to handle changes as they grow up, but I do think their relationship and especially Cassie suffered because of the storyline.

My favourite thing about this book is definitely the writing. I felt the same way about Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda, so I went into The Upside of Unrequited really exited to read another Becky Albertalli book. She is one of the few authors were I actually feel like her writing suits her characters, their age and their voices incredible well. They don’t feel older or younger than their age so her characters are believable, and that is something I really appreciate in a book. I had fun, I felt frustrated and I cried and all those things were partially because of the writing.

One thing I didn’t like as much was the lack of communication throughout the book. A lot of things could have been solved quicker, if people would just talk! I get that it was hard sometimes for Molly to confront people, but as I look back on the book, the only thing I remember as a driving force is the miscommunication. It also made some of the other characters seem like assholes. We don’t get a lot of communication to see how they feel, and because the book is from Molly’s point of view it’s hard to sympathise with the other characters, when they in Molly’s eyes are mostly shown as “the bad guys”, because of the miscommunication. I make it sound really extreme and like the reader can’t sympathise with the other characters at all, which isn’t the case, but I think the book could have executed it a lot better.

I also have mixed feelings about how Molly “solved” her feelings about herself and her confidence. There might be a spoiler here so be careful: I didn’t hate how it ended – there’s nothing wrong with getting help no matter what kind! – but I was kind of waiting for it to be more about Molly solving “stuff” and not Molly solving “stuff” because of others.


30653853Titel: Fordelen Ved Hemmelige Forelskelser
Forfatter: Becky Albertalli
Min Bedømmelse: ★★★★☆ (eller 4.25)

Synopse (Saxo):
17-årige Molly Peskin-Suso ved alt om at være hemmeligt forelsket. Hun har været det 27 gange. For uanset hvor mange gange hendes tvillingesøster Cassie beder hende om at kaste sig ud i det, så kan Molly ikke holde tanken om afvisningen ud. Så hun er forsigtig. For det skal tykke piger altid være.

Men så dukker Will pludselig op. Han er hot, sjov, flirtende og måske kæreste-materiale. Og med ham kan Molle måske få sit første kys. Men så er der bare også lige Reid. Mollys nye kollega. Ham kan hun umuligt falde for. Eller kan hun?


Jeg kunne rigtig godt lide karaktererne i Fordelen Ved Hemmelige Forelskelser, og jeg følte specielt for Molly. Alle karaktererne føltes naturlige og Molly havde en utrolig autentisk stemme. Hendes rejse i at finde sin selvsikkerhed og finde ud af, hvordan hun skal justerer til ændringer var utrolig let at sætte sig ind i, og der var ikke et eneste øjeblik, hvor jeg ikke var på Mollys side. Jeg var ikke altid fan af, hvordan en “krise” var bragt frem – hvilket jeg vil snakke mere om senere – men jeg følte altid et lille knug i mit hjerte, når Molly var ked af det eller frustreret. Molly var bare en elskelig person, og jeg ønskede hele tiden at tingene ville blive godt for hende, og at hun bare kunne være glad. Jeg kunne for det meste også godt lide Cassie og Molly’s forhold. Jeg elskede hvor tætte de var, og hvordan de begge skulle håndtere ændringer i følge af at vokse op, men jeg synes også at deres forhold og især Cassie lidte på grund af historien.

Min yndlings ting ved bogen er helt sikkert måden den er skrevet på. Jeg havde det på samme måde med Simon Vs. Verdens Forventninger, så jeg startede Fordelen Ved Hemmelige Forelskelser utroligt spændt på at læse endnu en Becky Albertalli bog. Hun er en af de få forfattere, hvor jeg faktisk føler, at hendes sprog passer til hendes karakterer, deres alder og deres stemmer utrolig godt. De føles ikke ændre eller yngre end deres alder, så hendes karakterer er troværdige, og det er noget jeg sætter stor pris på i en bog. Jeg havde det sjovt, jeg blev frustreret og jeg græd, og det skete alt sammen delvist på grund af sproget.

En ting som jeg ikke brød mig om var manglen på kommunikation gennem bogen. En del kunne have været løst hurtigere, hvis folk bare ville snakke sammen! Jeg forstår godt, at det nogle gange var svært for Molly at konfrontere andre, men når jeg ser tilbage på bogen, er fejlkommunikation den eneste ting jeg husker som en drivkraft. Det gjorde også at nogle af de andre karakterer endte med at se dårlige ud. Vi får ikke særlig meget kommunikation til at se, hvordan de har det, og da bogen er fra Molly’s synsvinkel er det svært at sympatiserer med dem, når de for de meste er vist som de “onde” i Molly øjne. Jeg for det til at lyde lidt ekstremt og som om læseren ikke kan sympatiserer med de andre karakterer overhovedet, hvilket ikke passer, men jeg synes at bogen godt kunne have udført det en del bedre.

Jeg har også blandet følelser om, hvordan hun “løste” hendes følelser omkring hende selv og hendes selvsikkerhed. Der kan være en spoiler her, så vær opmærksom: Jeg hadede ikke hvordan den sluttede – der er intet forkert i at få hjælp lige meget hvad – men jeg havde dog ventet lidt på at det var mere omkring Molly hende selv der løste “ting” og ikke Molly der løste “ting” på grund af andre.